Christine Brandt - Audition Coach


When I first decided to study music in university, I had no idea what I was getting into. It sounds silly but I did not think I would have to sing in front of other people! I assumed I would take lessons and the performance students would be the only ones to sing in masterclass, (what even was masterclass?) I'm here to help you have a smoother transition than I had into an arts program starting with the audition process. I want to give you all the tools and tricks that I have learned through my own experiences. From getting my bachelors degree at Wilfrid Laurier, to performing in front of dignitaries in Berlin, and getting my Masters degree in NYC. I have garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience which I'd be happy to share with you. Think of me as your secret weapon to nailing your auditions, transitioning into a new music program, or confidently participating in a competition. To see my resume, learn more about my professional experiences, or hear samples of my singing you can visit my bio page.

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To book a 15 minute consultation so we can get to know each other and help you choose the best package to suit your specific needs schedule a time with me through Calendly!

The preparation with Christine helped me feel secure and ready for my audition. Her helpful hints and kind way of preparing me made me feel confident as well as excited about showing off what we had been working on. I highly recommend taking the time and working with Christine

- Natalie Sebastian

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